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Proven Digital Signage CMS

From management tools that automate scheduling your content to networks that can heal themselves, Sign Center is a proven enterprise digital signage CMS that gives you the power to scale your network while keeping operations aggressive and lean.

Powerful Software

Sign Center offers hundreds of features, and network operators choose it for its combination of power, flexibility, ease-of-use, and cost effectiveness. Deploy Inception Visual Software on your own servers, in your own data center, or ask Inception Visual to host it for you as SaaS in the Cloud. Either way, it’s your dedicated infrastructure, your network, your data, and you are in complete control.

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Content Management Features

Web-Based Administration

Web-based interfaces allow both network-wide and location-driven content management

Split-Screen and Multi-Display Layouts

Unlimited display areas, z-ordering, and alpha-compositing

Support for All Digital Media Assets

Video, audio, images, HTML5, Flash, tickers, RSS Feeds, live streaming, scripted content, and more.

Automated Playlists and Schedules

Business rules for dynamic, scripted, targeted, triggered, and metadata-driven scheduling and playlisting at multiple levels (asset, playlist, loop, schedule).


Real-time asset playback reports, network status reports, billing reports, campaign performance reports.

Users and Roles

Define specific permissions for users' access to content, players, and functionality, allowing you to create approval processes and multi-tenancy on your server.

Ad, Campaign, and Inventory Management

Manage and report on campaigns for advertisers, track sold and available ad inventory, and share revenue with partners.

Ad Revenue Integrations

Generate revenue from campaigns sold through Vistar Media, rVue, and doMedia.

Network Management Features

Multiple Network Topologies

Redundant servers, hierarchical networks with edge servers, multicast networks with terrestrial and satellite distribution.

Network Health

Live screenshots, screenshot reports, content delivery reports, and event logs.

Alerting and

Device health, peripheral health and control, content health, ad campaign pacing, and self-healing.


Salesforce, Final Cut Server, QuickBooks, and more.

Bandwidth Management

Per-player control of bandwidth usage windows and bandwidth throttles.


PCI-compliant firewall, VPN, and anti-virus control.

Automatic Upgrades

Integrated update packages for both Sign Center and the operating system.

Hardware Agnostic

Manage both Linux and Android powered players using the same powerful back-end.


Programmatic integration with REST-style APIs.

Software Architecture

The Inception Visual Software Platform consists of four principal software components, two of which run on the Server and two of which run on the Players.

Sign Center Manager

This is the user interface for Sign Center. It provides access to management of assets, players, playlists, scheduling, reporting, and more

Dispatcher Server

This component is responsible for communicating with the players. It performs scheduling of content, sends commands to devices (via push or pull), distributes assets, receives reporting and diagnostic information from the Players, and monitors the status of the server and the Players

Dispatcher Client

This component is the software on the players responsible for communicating with the Server.


This is the software that renders digital media onto the displays according to the schedules provided by the Server

Scalable, Reliable, Flexible

Sign Center is built on open, enterprise technologies and standards that enable its underlying scalability, reliability, and flexibility. Important technologies include:


Linux and Android


Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, Hibernate, ORMLite

Web Services

Apache, JBoss, AXIS


Because of its modular design based on these industry standard technologies, Inception Visual's Software can be integrated and extended at a number of levels.

Web Services

Used by Sign Center (e.g. Create/Modify Asset) can be accessed and called, and additional Web Services can be implemented by third parties.

Java API

Can be extended by third parties to implement custom code.

Relational Databases

Can be queried and extended on both the Server and Player. By modifying the object relational map and the Java API, new kinds of objects can be created by third parties.

Dynamic Assets

Written in HTML5, Flash, PHP, or Java and deployed on the Players can be used to create sophisticated, intelligent displays that respond to their environments and integrate with third party applications.

Network Architecture

Sign Center operates on hardware consisting of two kinds of logical components: the Server and the Players (which are connected to Displays).